puppets in italy

August 17, 2008

taken at a market stall

cropped tightly and cloned a couple of extra puppets to fill the frame.



June 29, 2008

had a play with colour replacer … and curves (wish i could remember how i did the colour replacer !)

girls at a pop festival

March 25, 2008

008-girls.jpg    008b-girls.jpg   008c-girls.jpg

bike mirror

March 25, 2008

i think i have pushed this one too far

053-bike-mirror.jpg   053b-bike-mirror.jpg    053c-bike-mirror.jpg

mobile phone

March 24, 2008

052-mobile-phone.jpg    052b-mobile-phone.jpg

italian couple

March 24, 2008

050-italian-couple.jpg   050b-italian-couple.jpg  

yellow tee shirt

March 24, 2008

048-yellow-tee-shirt.jpg   048b-yellow-tee-shirt.jpg


March 24, 2008

047-shadows.jpg   047b-shadows.jpg 


March 24, 2008

029.jpg 029b.jpg 029c-fountain-switzerland.jpg

in trying to ‘fix’ the white blowout on the left, i am not sure if i have taken it too far in the third pic

keeping cool

March 23, 2008

032c-girl-in-pool.jpg   032e-girl-in-pool.jpg  032f-girl-in-pool.jpg       032b-girl-in-pool.jpg